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As more and more workplaces transition to being remote, we’re learning how to navigate all the aspects of working digitally.
Rapidly growing demand for video communication on account of globalization of businesses, geographically scattered business operations, and remote workforce management is a major factor driving the market.


This is a real game changer for collaboration as it keeps the meeting professional and participants are less apt to multi-task or zone out.


Allows for key members to participate and address issues in a geographically dispersed environment despite work travel or time zone.


Humans process visuals more than audio or text. Degree of understanding, quality of communication and learning is far enhanced.


Cloud-delivered video conferencing is the closest thing to working together in person, in a physical building, as it keeps dispersed teams connected.


Bringing clients and team members together to address issues and concerns drives better communication, builds trust and stronger relationships.

MUGA creates a collaboration infrastructure that allows you to communicate from anywhere. No download. Instant Launch. More Productive.

Product Features


  • Audio/Video conference is a click away. No download.
  • Ability for 1:1 or multiple audiences.
  • Diverse host controls with recording.
  • Personal conference rooms and dashboard for archived recording and sessions.


  • Seamless interactive screenshare available.
  • Simple upload process for documents and videos for easy sharing.
  • Presenter options available to reduce distractions and noise.
  • Seamless presentation using various visual aids.


  • Lively, intuitive feature for interactive collaboration.
  • Enables the user to present any document for a detailed discussion.
  • Myriad of tool options with text, colors and other formatting tools.
  • Multi user interaction available through Shared Notes.

How Can We Help you?

Providing Real Time Outcomes from afar


  • MUGA for Telehealth can be used to monitor high risk patients with chronic conditions on a daily basis in order to prevent emergency department (ED) visits, reduce re hospitalizations, cut agency costs, and decrease nursing visits.
  • The tool engages the patients and encourages them to use video conferencing as a method so physicians can communicate and perform visual assessment.
  • The tool also provides emotional support to patients with high anxiety or depression.



  • MUGA for Education has made classrooms walls invisible, allowing students to have the entire world as their learning resource.
  • The tool will also help in easy retention of knowledge in learners as visuals are always better remembered than words
  • Simple and cost effective MUGA for Education will help you optimize learning opportunities and extend the reach of your classroom with interactive experiences fostering greater participation.


  • MUGA for Business provides the capability for entrepreneurs and working professionals in various verticals to manage meetings or interact with clients without leaving their offices.
  • Can help drive business productivity.
  • Increased attendance from dispersed internal teams and clients is possible for participants who otherwise would have been debilitated by location.
  • As a result of improved communications, participants are more in sync, decisions are able to be made faster, and productivity increases.




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